As we near the end of the Jennifer Lopez season of the Ten Movies podcast we have been forced to confront some hard truths. Despite the love of the masses and almost certainly enough wealth to buy a castle made of diamonds, J Lo tends to not be in very good movies. Mostly not terrible movies, but, you know, forgettable ones.

Despite what its marketing would suggest, 2013 action-thriller ‘Parker’ is just such a film.

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Don’t get us wrong. If you enjoy a reasonably serviceable shoot–em-up featuring anvil-headed action star Jason Statham, ‘Parker’ will be right in your wheelhouse.

But Jennifer Lopez is ill-served by the thin material she’s given to work with here, as has been the case with a whole bunch of these movies. Her character, an amoral real estate agent forced into a life of gunplay and jewel thievery, mostly functions as a sidekick to Statham’s Parker, rather than the partner/foil that might have made for a more entertaining film.

Luckily, Brian and Hemal found all sorts of clever and insightful things to say, because they are professionals. You’re welcome, America. (Don’t forget to rate and review us kindly on the podcast-listening application of your choice.)

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