New Season: THE ROCK (& Other Exciting News)

Hello, loyal Ten Movies listeners! We’re back after a long hiatus and we have all kinds of exciting news for you.

First things first: We’ve just launched our new season, where we’ll be watching ten movies starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

You like explosions. You like enormous men striking one another. You like people leaping off a rooftop onto a helicopter. Of course you like those things; you sing of America, glad and big. Anyway, The Rock does all that stuff in his movies and we’re gonna watch a bunch of them.

Why Dwayne Johnson? Well, the guy makes multiple features films every year and people love him, and we’re going to sort it out exactly why.

That’s not all that’s new, though, friends. The Ten Movies podcast is going Hollywood. With the launch of our new season, we’re part of the Underdog Podcasts family. Underdog is a podcast network featuring shows on sports, TV, culture, fitness, true crime and – as of now – your very favorite movie podcast that interrogates American culture through a glass darkly, by which we mean discussing how Dwayne Johnson punched a tank.

One big change: Our new home at Underdog Podcasts means our old podcast feed is no longer the thing. You can find our new feed here – please subscribe so you don’t miss a single episode. That would be sad for us, because we would miss you, but even more so for you, because this new season is gonna be top-notch.

And speaking of top-notch tings, we’re upping our audio game, working with producers Seth Everett, host of the Sports with Friends and Hall of Justice podcasts, and Anthony Gill, who produces audio for NBC Sports Chicago. We’re extremely jazzed to be working with Seth and Anthony and we think you’ll notice a sharp uptick in the already-high quality of your favorite podcast.

If you like the hard punches of justice, you’ll love this season of Ten Movies.

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