San Andreas

The Ten Movies podcast has launched our latest season, featuring ten iconic movies from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. America loves Dwayne Johnson – but why, exactly? Is it his enormous size? His big bald head? His unswerving commitment to always playing some sort of hyper-competent heroic Special Forces dad?

Luckily for our project, all these attributes are on display in our first movie:San Andreas’.

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In ‘San Andreas’ (2015), Dwayne Johnson plays a hyper-competent heroic Special Forces dad who is also a celebrated helicopter rescue pilot. When The Big One hits California, he zips around in a variety of emergency vehicles trying to rescue his daughter and win the affections of his estranged ex-wife while a million buildings fall down in the background.

Is ‘San Andreas’ good? Is it fun? Brian felt it was ideologically reactionary and also stupid, while Hemal enjoyed it – possibly because she’s seen it a hundred times on cable and may have developed Stockholm Syndrome. Check out the episode and see who you agree with.

Ten Movies is part of the Underdog Podcast network and is produced with help from Seth Everett and Anthony Gill.

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